About Us

The Rosendale Chamber of Commerce is a group of committed business people based in the Rosendale N.Y. area of the Mid-Hudson valley. We actively promote business activity in Rosendale while staying true to the quirky spirit that makes the town so special.

We represent a diverse list of business interests in the town of Rosendale, from plumbers to massage therapists and art galleries to machinists. All of our members enjoy the benefits of being part of the Rosendale Chamber of Commerce.

Rosendale has the advantage of being a small, rural hamlet with close proximity to major roadways. Commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural valuations combine to give Rosendale a varied economic base.

At the Rosendale Chamber of Commerce we love our town – its rich history, beautiful landscape, amazing residents and exciting future.  We do everything that we can to make sure that the business owners here have the resources they need to succeed, and that residents continue to achieve a high standard of living through our programs and opportunities.